From Classroom Teachers and School Principals

“The students and teachers look forward to writing and learning with Rachel.  It is incredible to see what she accomplishes with them in such a short period of time.”
—Rob Lupisella, Principal, Avon Primary School

“My name is John Clancy, and I teach 5th grade in the Liverpool Central School District. I have had the good fortune to collaborate and work with Rachel Guido deVries for nearly twenty years. We are professional colleagues and personal friends. Rachel is a dynamic teacher with energy to spare! She makes being an author and poet cool, and the kids come right along for the ride. Rachel is unique in her delivery of poetry instruction, and the children can’t get enough. She has a style all her own, and this brings forth some of the best writing of the year from kids.”
—John Clancy, 5th Grade Teacher, Liverpool Central School District

“When Rachel enters my classroom, students are immediately captivated. Her commanding yet compassionate presence invites middle school students into the world of an author, the life of a poet. Rachel provides a unique experience where students brainstorm, write, revise, and present their poetry. When it’s “Rachel week,” poetry work, even homework, is at 100% completion. Students surprise, impress, and move you with their poetry. It’s the kind of writing that a true educator and artist can elicit. Through the years, Rachel has adjusted and aligned her instruction to our school initiatives and standards, including Common Core Learning Standards. Students connect with Rachel Guido deVries, and she connects with them through this enrichment opportunity that we are lucky to experience each year.”
—Melissa Krivit, Middle School Language Arts Teacher, Sherburne Earlville

“Her instruction opens the world of words to students, allowing them to produce original works of poetry that show a real depth of emotion and purpose.Rachel is a pleasure to work with and to watch students work with as well. She Weaves students’ creative and academic learning through examining poems and producing their own.”
—Kate Wolford, Middle School Teacher, Unadilla Valley Middle School

From Past Workshop Participants

“Each time I’ve participated in Rachel’s poetry workshops, I’ve left with the makings of a publishable poem in hand. She has a way of encouraging the best from each of us. She is very knowledgable about her craft and willingly shares information and inspiration.”
—Lorraine Arsenault

“Rachel Guido deVries offers an invitation to the joy of writing that is irresistible. Experienced writers and beginners of all ages will find much to stimulate their imagination and uncover new recesses of creativity. Her knowledge and enthusiasm are infectious. I find her insights inspire long after the workshop is over.
—Tish Dickinson, Facilitator of the Canastota Public Library Afternoon Writers Group