Secondary Grades

Grades 7-12

Focus on imagery, sounds, structure, as in fourth through sixth grade.  Some emphasis also on theme—getting students to write to convey their thoughts about a particular idea or social issue, or an area of concern to them, personally.  Students are encouraged to make use of the elements of the art form, such as imagery, alliteration, exact and slant rhyme, and concrete or more traditional forms to convey their message. Some public performance is also encouraged to give students the chance to practice public speaking skills.

General Information:  Whenever possible, I like to schedule a planning meeting with involved teachers prior to my visit to the school. I can coordinate writing assignments across curricula. I have done poetry programs across science and social studies, and am always happy to talk with schools about ideas they would like incorporated. I can adapt programs for two to three day residencies, depending on the needs of a school and scheduling considerations. Programs are designed to meet the developmental, educational, and emotional needs of  K-12 students, teachers, and staff.