Kids’ Corner

Grace is a fine young poet! I met her last year at an elementary school in Baldwinsville. She was then a 4th grader. I really liked her poems, and Grace’s poems open a new feature on Kidspeak: a place for young poets to share their work.

If you would like to share a poem, please click here and send it to me. If we decide to put your poem on, we will contact you and your family for permission to publish it.


About the Author

This is how Grace describes herself: Grace is a nine-year-old girl whose parents are divorced. This tragedy inspired Grace to write poems. Grace says, “ I did not know people liked my poetry, but when I realized they did, I wanted to write more.”

Here are three of Grace’s poems:

On That Sunny Morning

On that sunny morning
I met myself
Covered in dirt blood and sweat
tattered and torn

Free as an Eagle wandering the sky
Happy as a little puppy
Before the rage that tore at me
I stood on top of the big world

In daddy’s arms
was a country girl
a tree girl
a free girl
I lived so happy so muddy and joyful

When I meet myself now I have changed
I am so angry sad and worried
But still
I am
A country girl
A tree girl
A free girl
As sad and torn up memories pass by
I remember myself on that sunny morning


The Golden Times

In the golden times
We are so free
Free as an eagle flying over the sea

We are like the birds
We want our songs to be heard

Sing to the melody of your wild heart
Music is such a creative art

Love, peace, music and happiness
For all to see
Be free as an eagle flying over the sea
Let your heart be your compass
So you will never be lost

And you will find that
you will be happy

The Wind Valley

The tree sighed as the hurricane passed
The grass screamed
The houses roared in frustration

The hurricane yelled its anger
The hurricane was sad

Just like me
I am as powerful as a hurricane
As sad angry and worried