Respect Poem

What do we mean when we say “respect”?
What do you think we can expect?
I think respect is like a star in the sky
When everyone is respected, then everyone shines
The sky sparkles and glows with pride

But when one star has to hide behind a cloud
is disappointed and can’t feel proud
the whole sky then is a little less bright
So how can each of us make it right?

Remember we all are like those stars
We want to shine our own light far
Let your eyes sparkle with joy
at every single girl and boy
And hope may sparkle back at you
as you walk in and out of your classrooms

Listen to what people have to say
Look them in the eye and don’t be afraid
to reach a friendly hand to a kid in need
Help someone with math or help someone read
Never push or tease and never make fun
Fill up those buckets with lots of love

Just be good to one another
we are all sisters and brothers
A family of friends like stars in the sky
A galaxy of shiny stars where we can all soar high

Rachel Guido deVries


scan of page from the Purple Potato, "Best Friends."

“Best Friends” from The Purple Potato and Other Poems by Rachel Guido deVries.

Best Friends
What makes a friend
the very best?
It’s the one who listens
when you’re down
The one who cares
if you wear a frown
The one who keeps
your secrets close
as you travel down
life’s curving roads
The one who knows
just what to say
The one who creates
cool games to play

A best friend
never puts you down
never leaves you alone
in a brand new town
A best friend
might be in your class
a kid or teacher
who wants you to pass
A best friend stays near
when tragedy strikes
A best friend is the one
you just really like
A best friend might play
on your baseball team
or help you with math
when you’re ready to scream
A best friend is the one
who honors you dreams

—Rachel Guido deVries from The Purple Potato and Other Poems