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Summer is finally here, and the 4th of July is this week. Write a poem about summer—try writing a letter to the month of July. What would you ask it? What would you say? What do you get to do in July that you can’t do in, say, January?

Or write about what the 4th of July stands for:  Our flag, peace, freedom, bravery, independence.

Write a poem about the flag (mine follows).  Write a poem to a soldier you know and love.

The poet Langston Hughes wrote a poem called “Democracy.” In it, he creates a metaphor* for  freedom:  a strong seed.

is a strong seed
in a great need

Think about how you would write about freedom or peace. Find a metaphor or a simile to make a “picture” of your idea. Think about wildlife, flowers, trees, rivers, colors, sounds—and find your very own way to describe what your are writing about. Use your imagination, your feelings, and your ideas.

*metaphor:  remember, a metaphor, and its cousin, simile are simply comparisons.

Here is my flag poem. Let me know what you think.

Our Flag
By Rachel Guido deVries

Old Glory! See how it flies?
Up there, so proud, so high.
But have you ever stopped to think,
to really think about why?

Each day we say the pledge
with its powerful, powerful words.
Our voices sound as lovely
as singing out-loud birds.

Our flag stands for our country,
the home of the brave and free.
Our country is about justice,
and about equality.

Whatever your race or gender,
whether you are rich or poor,
Whatever your physical limits,
America flings open its door.

These are some reasons
we’ve earned the right to be proud.
Think about these reasons
when you say the pledge out loud.

Maybe then the next time
you see a kid picked on or left out,
you will be brave enough
to give an all-American shout:

“We are all Americans,
and united we must stand.
We are one big family—
this is all of our land.”

Make fun of no one,
think about all that you do.
Say the pledge, and please mean it.
so our flag’s meaning stays true.

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