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this morning

this morning
I met myself
coming in

a bright
jungle girl
quick as a snake
a tall
tree girl
a me girl
I met myself
this morning
coming in

and all day
I have been a black bell
I survive

Lucille Clifton



My heart is a dark forest where no voice is heard,
Nor sound of foot, by day or night—nor echo, borne
down the long aisles and shadowy arches of a horn,
Trembling—nor cry of beast, nor call of any bird.

But always through the deep solitudes a grieving wind
Moves, like the voice of a vast prayer; it is your love
Lifting and bending leaf and bough—while, far above,
One thought soars like a hawk, in the heaven of my mind.

John Hall Wheelock


Poem Ideas: Who Am I?

Suggested Topics

Write a poem imagining meeting yourself—think of all the places and ways you might do that—in a mirror is an obvious one, but there are others. Who would you be? What/Who might you see yourself as? Use metaphors, similes, symbol, personification so that your language is imaginative, yet shows different sides of you—your life, your likes, your fantasy selves.


Write a poem finding a metaphor or simile for your heart, or perhaps your mind, the way John Hall Wheelock does in the poem, “Solitudes.” Notice how his feeling changes from one in stanza one with a fine opening metaphor; and then look at the ending in stanza two. See how his feeling has changed? Try creating a poem where you write about a day your own feelings changed. Or explore the great power of your mind, its endlessness. Use descriptive language to do that.

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