Four Poems by Rachel Guido deVries

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Mamma Always Knew

When I was little
Mamma always knew
If I was feeling sad and blue

She always could tell
when I walked through the door
if someone decided they liked me no more

Mamma always could hear
the tear in my throat
when I was running low on hope

And Mamma could see
the gleam in my eye
when I was full of joy and pride

Mamma was happy when I came home
and we had some time,
just we two alone

Now Mamma lives
far, far away
so we chat on the phone each Saturday

Mamma always knows
when she hears my hello
that I’ll love her forever, wherever we go.


Love opens like a flower
and makes me want to grin.
It follows me throughout the day
‘til Mamma tucks me in.

And when she does her eyes are stars
that warm me all night long.
I sleep until the sun comes up
and Mamma wakes me with her song.

My Sister

Whispers in our night time bed
Dreams we shared and secrets said.

Games we played out on the street:
hopscotch, tag, and hide and go seek.

Sometimes scared if Pop was mad,
and oh-so-worried if Mom was sad.

Always safe with my sister’s love,
a lifetime friend, a gentle dove.

This is my one and only sister.
She lives far away. I really miss her.

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