Fall Writing Suggestion: Personification

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Little Leaf

Little Leaf
are your worried
that you’ll drift
with a flurry
of early early snow?

Or do you fear
that freezing rain
will keep you from dancing
and twirling again?

Oh, Little Leaf
all golden-red
gently float
to your soft leaf bed.

Now, Little Leaf,
rest your golden-red head,
and never ever be scared

Rachel Guido deVries


The Purple Potato

The Purple Potato The only potato that was purple, you see
had no friends. He was purple lonely.
He was expected to be just brown,
to look like every other potato in town,
But Purple Potato wanted none of that:
he was proud of his color, and that was that.
He was purple as a lilac, purple as a grape,
purple as a king’s magnificent cape.
He was purple with pride, purple with joy.
He was simply a great purple potato boy.

Still, he was lonely, the only purple spud.
Oh, how he longed for any color bud—
a buddy to roll with down Big Potato Hill,
a buddy to laugh with, to play with, to chill.
He hunted high and he hunted low.
He hunted at Wegman’s and at lots of art shows.
But even the painters kept potatoes just brown,
so purple potato always left with a frown.

One night rolling home he dallied and lolled.
Then came a whisper and he heard his name called.
“Psst, Purple Potato, cast your eyes over here.
I’m hiding with pumpkins to mask my great fear.
I’m an orange cucumber and the Greens tossed me out.
Now I must whisper, though I’d much rather shout.
I’m one-of-a-kind, unique, just like you.
Will you be my friend? I would like you to.”

A tiny little tear was in cucumber’s eye.
Purple Potato let go of a long, happy sigh.
“Don’t cry, young cuke. I’ll be your friend.
I think purple and orange are a beautiful blend.”

And blend they did, all through their lives,
through play time and college and when they found wives.
They knew no matter your color, your size or your shape,
whether you’re orange as pumpkins or purple as grapes,
a friend will always love the real you.
Purple Potato and Orange Cucumber proved this to be true.

Rachel Guido deVries

Both “Little Leaf” and “The Purple Potato” use PERSONIFICATION to imagine the feelings of a leaf, and to write a poem with a message in“The Purple Potato.”

Remember: Personification is when we give the feelings and descriptions of a person to something not human. Try it! Imagine the mood the trees are in when autumn winds blow. Or imagine a leaf and its fall journey. Or come up with your own idea and write about it.

Both of these poems are from Rachel’s book of poems, The Purple Potato and Other Poems. It is available for $5.00 from the author. Email Rachel at Guidogirl@aol.com to request a copy.

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